About Us

Welcome to Rivers of Eden! Marvin and I have a passion to see you rise up into your identity in God, living in His unique creative expression, a life that is uniquely you. God wants to journey with you as you co-create a life that is full and abundant in Christ.

Each season of my life brings new experiences, leading me into transition, change and transformation. I am a speaker, leader, administrator, writer, creative, seer, visionary, and travel scribe.

Each season of my life opens up new doors to travel throughout the world – living in Finland and the Middle East, traveling into Africa to speak, and exploring new countries, which always bring new experiences.


The greatest adventure in my life, though, is the one that brings me out of the constraints and limitations of religion into God’s grace.

In Him I live, move and have my being. This is the greatest adventure as He teaches me about spirituality and creativity, divinely infused in Christ.

Life experiences always bring divine encounters – a journey into the heart of Father God where I experience His grace unfolding within me to live in purpose and power with each new day.

With eyes wide open, I am astounded at His unconditional love and acceptance for people that I meet each day. I see them in Christ, with a myriad of promises waiting to unfold within them as they awaken to their eternal identity.

I, Debra, have a degree in Education with a focus in science and math. I am currently studying for a Masters in Theology at Grace Global Seminary. As an active participant of an “Awakening to Quantum Life” group, my curiosity consistently flows to know God in a deeper way through the realm of faith and science.

It is indeed my unique journey and adventure, which I hope you enjoy through the videos and insights on this web site.

I am married to Marvin Westbrook, living in Northern California along with our two French Bulldogs, Chloe and Finn. 

Marvin has a degree in construction management and is a construction project manager, having worked throughout the world in various capacities within oil refineries, airports, prisons, and mining projects. He ministers alongside me as we travel here in the States and abroad.

We have 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

Enjoy this journey with us!

– Debra & Marvin Westbrook