January, 2019


To be a co-creator with God, my life flows within a relationship of intimacy as a son or daughter.

My life is not scripted where God dictates orders or creates a list of obedient acts in order to please Him.

I am pleasing to Him, loved by Him, and totally accepted in the Beloved. And so are YOU!

I walk in sync with Him each moment in a seamless life – eternal and unlimited  – attuning my ears to the sound of heaven.

The spirit within me in Christ, gives guidance, direction and comfort to LIVE as His creative expression.

In Christ, I receive my identity, which is entwined in divinity. As He is, so am I in the earth.  Divine resources are mine within my inheritance leading me on a glorious adventure to live an abundant creative life.

I walk in wisdom, imagination, truth, creativity and clarity in the mind of Christ.

To co-create means I leave any notion of a pre-formed script and embark on an intimate adventure with God. There is always movement orchestrated in the Spirit to move me OUT of any established comfort zone to BE creative and expressive.

The possibilities are endless and infinite for there are no robots or clones in Christ. Each of us is unique and individual and it is spirit within that reveals His divine purpose.

“To co-create means I leave any notion of a pre-formed script and embark on an intimate adventure with God”

Jesus leads me in His WAY, which is high and wide and deep in divine love. This WAY moves me forward in Christ AS Christ for my life is hidden in Him.

I shine brightly in glory as I live His abundant life.

Life is a journey. I seem to be more interested in fine-tuning a plan or purpose for my life than the Father is for me. I seem to want to know all the details beforehand. He seems to be more interested in the journey, where it is in relationship that purpose is the overflow of divine love.

As Mary said, “Let it be to me according to your word.”

To walk in creative expression is to flow from my divine identity.

This is life in Christ.

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