March, 2019


Creativity is Spiritual

God is Creator and since we are ‘in Christ’ the essence of creativity flows within each of us. We are creative. It is in our spiritual DNA in God.

 To create means to take out of eternality and to bring into temporality. You are formed in God before the foundation of the world. God created and formed you, bringing you out of eternality into temporality to be the divine expression of His image and likeness in the earth.

A creative life, lived in divine love, transforms everyone you come into contact with on a daily basis. Creativity is more than what you do. Creativity begins in who you are, internally transformed by the very breath of God within you.

Many today are so bound within time and all its constraints, that to be creative is the very last thing on their mind. But, I would say that creativity is the essence of your being.

You live a creative live as you, no one else. Just as the Trinity in the Father, Son and Spirit are one yet distinct in their oneness, so you are created to be distinct in the Father’s love, not robotic or cloned.

For those who only see creativity as producing a visible product such as a painting, a book, an invention, or a business endeavor, you have limited creativity down to externals, an outer creativity. But, there’s also inner creativity, a life transformed to flow in a creative expression of divine love, hidden in God in Christ. Both are valuable and both transform the world around us.

So you are creative. Do you see?

In Christ, creativity flows from an expanding revelation of grace and truth, which expresses itself in a myriad of creative ways, both inward and outward. We see the glory of God manifested in art. We enter times of transcendence when we listen to music that takes us outside ourselves.

We are engineered by His design; He molded and manufactured us in Christ. We are His workmanship, His poetry.

We are fully fit to do good, equipped to give attractive evidence of His likeness in us, in everything we do.”

– The Mirror

Yet, inner creativity expands a life in a divine expression of love as you live, move and have your being in Christ. As you raise a family, take care of aged parents, or show compassion to your neighbor, you are creative.

This inner creativity flows from a transformed life, awakened to the reality of Christ within.

You may never be celebrated for creating a masterpiece, exhibited for the entire world to see but you are a delight to the Father who created you just to BE his divine expression. Both are valid and both are unique and inclusive in the Father’s heart.

 Now, BE creative!

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