April, 2019

Creative Process

I am the divine creative expression of the Father’s love. Unique and expressive, just as each one of you, I go through a creative process each time I receive a revelation, walking it out through four distinct stages. From the initial thought received as a whisper from Holy Spirit to the actual manifestation in my life, it’s all a journey in trusting God.

These four stages, blended together to reflect my own life, came from reading many books on creativity and quantum creativity. I have found this to be my true foundation in my creative process.

1. Preparation

A gentle whisper flows into my spirit from the mind of Christ, appearing on the peripheral edges of my understanding, calling to me to believe and receive. I call it a gentle whisper because that is usually the way God speaks to me. His whisper invites me into a realm of curiosity and questions.

I think. I meditate. I imagine with God. I add. I subtract. I build. I deconstruct. I gather facts and existing ideas that come to mind. My imagination flows through silent times of meditation. Given free rein, my imagination goes wild as I write down thoughts in journals. My intent is to SEE, to LISTEN, to CONNECT, and to BE.

While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things, which are, seen are temporary, but the things, which are not seen, are eternal.

– 2 Corinthians 4:18

Psalm 46:10 says to ‘BE still and KNOW.’ In this stage, being and knowing come before doing, so relax, breathe, focus on Him and trust.

2. Incubation

In this stage, His whisper is an ever-present reality within me even though I can’t see the full picture….yet. The puzzle pieces are all there but there is no way to put them together…yet. And there may be no detailed way to move out…yet. It’s all about timing, God’s not yours.

It stays strong in my consciousness and I can’t get away from it, ever. This creative idea has now moved from my peripheral vision to the forefront of my field of vision. 

It seems to me, at this stage, that it has implanted itself deep within me and is a part of me. (Kind of sounds like a baby, right? Well, it is.) I am not able, in and of myself, to accomplish this beautiful creative endeavor. In fact, I can be a bit overwhelmed and impatient at times. So, I trust that He is able to complete in and through me that which He starts within me.

This is a nurturing time, a time of joy and peace, not looking ahead for details but just enjoying the journey knowing that what He plans He will bring into reality. I nurture what is growing inside of me by spending times in stillness and meditation.

3. Sudden Insight

Then, suddenly, at the right time, in the right way, there comes sudden insight. I receive plans, blueprints, or strategies on how to proceed in greater detail. This time is revelatory, filled with illumination as God co-creates with me step by step into the very thing He whispered into my heart.

I always used to think that this sudden insight just drops down from somewhere outside myself, from the vast nebulous void. One moment it’s not there and the next moment it is. Where does it come from? The mind of Christ.

The mind of Christ, flows into you from the divine consciousness of eternity, from a place not connected to linear thinking but revelation and insight. It flows from union and oneness in the Trinity, Father, Son, and Spirit.

Quantum creativity loves the word ‘discontinuity’. That just means that it does not usually come step by step within linear thinking and understanding. This sudden insight, just for you, was in eternity all along but now it finds it’s way into time and space to flow in and through my life.  The puzzle pieces start coming together to form a picture of the completed whole form. Now it’s time DO, eventually putting it out there, manifesting it into reality for the entire world to see.

4. Manifestation

In this stage, there is creativity flowing in all different ways, shapes and forms flowing through individuals to express Christ within. How you bring this baby into manifestation is unique and distinct for each person. It’s called creative expression. 

Here’s an example: When Moses built the tabernacle in the wilderness, he received detailed instructions from God – color, size, space, materials, etc. When the time came to make it real, the bible says that God told Moses to call the artisans, the creatives, to actually build it and bring it into reality. 

When the time comes to bring this whisper within into manifestation without, God will be there to give you plans and blueprints so you are not working from nothing, but from that which has been in His heart for you since before the foundation of the earth. Remember God loves intimacy and relationship so He doesn’t just make a to-do list and you work for Him………He co-creates this through His Son within you.

To create means to bring out of eternality into temporality so there you have it. This is the substance of this whole process. Create something from the heart of God, that which is only seen and known in spirit, and trust Him, through His process to manifest His ideas and plans through your life. 

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