Ask…Listen….God Speaks Creatively


April, 2019


Our creative God loves to engage in conversation with us. In fact, there are a myriad of ways God speaks – through His written and spoken words, pictures, dreams, thoughts, whispers, movies, books.

As unique and distinct as He created each of us, that is as unique and creative as He is in speaking to us. Within the intimacy of relationship, we hear His voice.

His voice does not come from without but from within us – Christ in you and Christ in me. It is the mind of Christ, which is eternal and universal and non-local that engages with us outside of time and space, outside of our ego or natural senses, in Spirit.

The mind of Christ is the cosmic Christ. Anyone who is religious is cringing right about now, either dismissing what I am saying or thinking it all sounds a bit New Age. It isn’t.

In the renewing of my mind, I experience His mind, His heart, His wisdom, His dreams, His purpose, and His plans. In His mind, I find my identity, which then flows, in creative expression in the earth through my life. In the mind of Christ, I am grounded in oneness. It is my ‘ground of being’, the very essence of where I access revelation, identity, creativity, plans, purposes, wisdom and again, so much more.

Let’s not forget that accessing that which is eternal still finds a mystical way to flow through our human condition, right where we are, just as we are. We are seated in heavenly places while being here on earth. We are in flow, in sync, in oneness, in union without any separation or dualism of any kind. Our salvation brings us into wholeness in Christ and in Him we live, move and have our being.

Christ plunged headlong into the human condition. He baptized that same humanity in His death and brought it back to LIFE in the will of the Father and the power of the Holy Spirit. Such a MYSTICAL connection! Christ wove mankind into the Trinitarian Life – there is forever a resurrected human being sitting in the middle of the Godhead. And there we sit with Him, fully united to God in heavenly places. In assuming human form, He assumed and included all of humanity INTO Himself!”
John Crowder – Cosmos Reborn

It is from our ground of being that we access spiritual things flowing through our spiritual being before they manifest through our lives on the earth. Our ground of being is upon which all being exist – all is held together in Christ.

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