Decembar, 2018


In being a travel scribe, God whispers and I go. I write, I observe, and I take specific pictures with my iPhone. I receive revelation in specific locations, telling a story though these pictures, revealing the heart of God for unique diverse locations.

So here I am in the mountains in Northern California. As I walk, I often have to stop to catch my breath as I acclimate to this environment at 6000-7000 ft. elevation. As I was standing, overlooking this range of mountains, this verse came to my mind.

“Look! Listen! There’s my lover! Do you see him coming? Vaulting the mountains, leaping the hills.” The Message Song of Songs 2:8

Then God asks us to join Him, risking it all to follow Him where He leads, trusting Him to empower us with grace to leap across those same high places with Him into new adventures in faith.

If I want to leap across mountains, into the high places in Christ, beyond the valleys, up and away, I believe I will become acclimated to that spiritual environment by taking some DEEP BREATHS just as in the natural. These deep breaths bring me into a place of resting and realizing thinking of the goodness of God. Nature has the ability to give us some glorious revelation.

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