Decembar, 2018


With God NOTHING is impossible. Out of the mountains and into the valleys, He prepares wide-open spaces for us here– places to breathe and take it all in. Again, He extends an invitation to us to journey with Him into new adventures, into wider fields of exploration.

When was the last time you said ‘yes’? Or have you even heard God whisper to come away, take a risk and go?

All you need to do is ask Him for the journey. Ask Him to lead you into that wide-open space where He says “Follow Me!”

Why wait for something new to drop into your lap when each day is filled with new adventure? The new thing waits for you to step out. What seems ordinary opens up to being quite extraordinary if we have eyes wide open to see.

I stopped to take this picture – sensitive to Holy Spirit’s leading and whisper. Learn to be sensitive to His voice. The journey begins within you in Christ- He’s waiting!

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