Decembar, 2018


Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” He makes a creative and unique way for each of us. In fact, in my life, He often shines a light on the way where He wants me to follow Him. I sense that light in my spirit from Holy Spirit. One option, running through my thoughts, seems to stand out more than the others. There is a light flowing there and Jesus says, “Follow Me!”


So what stops you? Fear, worry distraction? Any number of things can stop you from a creative adventure. Relax – He never leaves or forsakes those He calls into journey but guides you along the way.

 Why does He do this? Well, He’s not a religious God but a God of fellowship and intimacy. What better way to get to know Him than to walk with Him along the way of the creative journey that is outside of the box of a day to day life filled with routine. Sometimes you just have to go when He says to go.

 There is a beautiful road for each of us- a way uniquely planned by God in which His light shines bright. Just follow! He knows the way. 

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