Decembar, 2018


God often directs my attention to my peripheral vision, those obscure side things that aren’t quite clear since they are not right in front of me where they are easily seen. I could ignore them as not being important. But if I do that, I may miss seeing something that God wants me to focus on.


Jesus loved the ordinary and saw beauty in the most obscure places meeting the most diverse people. He stopped when Holy Spirit said to stop because He was attuned to what the Father was saying to Him. I’m that way. Honestly, I am. I stop to give a prophetic word of encouragement to people quite often, going out of my way even when it interferes with my set schedule.

This particular day, I stopped to get out to take a picture of this ordinary truck in a field. Why? Because I just liked the way it looked. It brought joy to me in some odd strange way.

Be aware that God may place something in your peripheral vision that is quite ordinary yet holds the key to great joy, a new adventure, or an open door of revelation…who knows unless you are open to seeing what is not right in front of you?

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