Decembar, 2018


Eyes wide open- I watch, observe and often see what others can’t see when I am open to hear the whispers of God. I’ve been that way since a child – always curious and always busy. God created me that way. I often see something interesting that catches my attention in ordinary moments in ordinary days.


My husband and I took a drive one Saturday evening and I saw this church. I drove past this church many times but always missed it. Probably because I kept my eyes focused on the road while deep in thought, oblivious to anything else.

That evening, I turned and saw this church, hidden among a few trees. Here was this ordinary building that caught my attention. I stopped to take a picture. In fact, I took many pictures, walking around it, shooting from various angles. I settled on this one because I loved it. I loved it. I did not take it for anyone else. Just for me. Think about that.

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